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Sensory Boxes Help Kids Understand

What are my kids supposed to do with their kits when they receive them?

 Each child will use his/her kit in a different way that fits their need for sensory output and creativity. There is no right way to use our kits, just like there is no right way to play in general.

When you receive your kits, you can either let the kids open the box and have them discover each item on their own terms, or if it is their first time playing with a sensory kit, you can set up a little invitation play for them by pulling out some of the pieces and showing them how they can use the various sensory tools like the tongs, spoons, cups, etc.. to create little worlds.

Some kids will go on and build elaborate scenes and small world set ups using all the themed loose parts, while others will simply enjoy squishing the playdough, digging their hands into the sensory base and pick up the loose parts with their fingers practicing fine motor skills and unknowingly strengthening their hand and finger muscles which they will need to write and hold a pencil.

What are the benefits of sensory play?

Sensory kits are a unique gift that will keep your little ones engaged for hours while also working on development of fine motor skills, problem solving skills, language development, cognitive growth, imagination, and memory enhancement.



Benefits of small world and sensory play?

  • Tactile learning: they get to experience different textures, shapes, colors, and consistency. Learn about different sensory attributes like soft, hard, wet, dry, small, big, crunchy, sticky, hot, cold…
  • Fine motor skills: detailed work using tools like spoons, tweezers, scoopers, bowls, etc…
  • Math skills: while they are scooping, learning about capacity, estimating, measuring, etc…
  • Imaginary skills: small world play supports language development, cognitive growth, and social interaction. Seeing your kids engaged in creating little imaginary worlds is pretty amazing! Pretend play is such an important part of growing up.
  • Life skills: scooping, measuring, pouring, transferring, dropping, etc… They also work on finding healthy ways to release frustration and anxiety, develop self-awareness, build self-confidence and individuality.


  • Self control: play within a set of physical boundaries (within the bin) and rules. These bins give us a chance as parent to teach them about these rules and that they can’t break them. Firm, clear, and consistent rules and boundaries. This is what kids are learning in early childhood development and a must in all parenting. My personal rules are: no eating and no throwing! And I repeat them EVERY TIME my daughter sits down to play with a sensory bin. If she gets the urge (and it will happen) and breaks the rules, it is ok (it is part of the learning process). I give her one more chance but if she does it again, I take the bin away. “I am sorry, the rule was no throwing, I will take the bin away for now and we can try again later”. Kids are learning to work on their impulses… It is part of the process.
What age group are these kits for?

Most of our kits are not safe for children under 3 years old because of the little elements that could be chocking hazards. I have one set of kits crafted especially for toddlers (2-3yo) with bigger elements that aren’t considered chocking hazards (although adult supervision is always recommended).

Other than this limitation, young kids as early as 3yo all the way to big kids in their teenage years can benefit from sensory play. I mean, do you have a little zen garden on your desk at work? Well, these are just adult sensory kits. 

There are so many sensory base elements to play with which you can try at home like rice, beans, dry pasta, cereals, playdough, chickpeas, water beads, kinetic sand, foam, cotton balls, mud, bubbles, etc….

Custom Party Favors

What custom themes are available for birthday party/event favors?



Any and every theme is possible! Party favors could be for toddlers, kids, and adults alike.



Here are a few examples: Farm animals, Princesses, Pets, Unicorns, Trains, Frozen, Trolls, Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, Summer, Garden, Beach, Ocean, Safari, Mermaids, Superheroes, Weddings (flower girls), Easter, Jungles.



Adult boxes are also available for bachelorette parties, weddings, corporate events, store openings, etc…


    Your kits will arrive with all the elements pictured individually wrapped and ready to be opened either by you (the parent/adult) so you can set up a little invitation to play to get them started (similar to how I set it up on the website), or you can let them discover each item by themselves and have them set it up the way they want to.

    Also, keep in mind that the kit you receive might not match the website picture 100{0b47d3540c2e2bbda4264ffb5f516cbe4151e8721bb7db60353a7c38eeaf13c6}, some elements might be slightly different. For example, the fairy figurine might have a blue dress in one kit and a purple one in another, the ocean animal figurine might be a turtle in one kit and a whale in another, The unicorn might be blue in one kit, and yellow in another, one kit might have a lollipop slime charm and another might get a candy, etc…)

    After your place your order, you play kit(s) will ship within 5-7 days, but often sooner. If you need a kit by a certain date, please email me at and I will do my best to accommodate.

    For custom small kits for parties, events, favors, etc… I will always do my best to ship asap but everything will depend on the quantity of kits you need and the theme you would like. Some themes are easier to put together, other might require a little longer lead time to source all the elements needed. Please include all information (quantity needed, theme you would like, etc…) and email me at

    About Fun Dough Box

    Thank you so much for visiting our site! As you may know, there’s more to these kits we sell then just play dough and the opportunity to drink your beverage in peace! Sensory play may also help calm anxiety and encourage language development. After researching sensory play I was amazed at what I found! I started making play dough, assembling sensory bins, and all sorts of sensory activities that my daughter and I could do together. I saw first hand how sensory experiences can help calm a child’s frustrations, and it’s been incredible to see their behavior and language grow and improve through sensory play. It makes me so happy knowing that each kit I assemble plays a small role in your child’s development, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be part of your journey! Let’s get to playing!!    

    Custom Sensory Boxes

    We’re here for all your custom needs and would be excited to work with you bringing your vision to life! Offering custom mini kits for birthday party favors, holiday giveaways and so much more…let us bring your dream gift or giveaway to life!

    Homemade Playdough

    I am making each playdough by hand in small batches. The color and texture of each playdough might differ slightly from kit to kit.
    When stored properly in air tight containers (ziploc bags, cling wrap, tupperware), you can keep the dough soft and fresh for at least 3 months.
    If the dough dries out, add a teaspoon of water at a time and knead it until the desired consistency is reached.
    If the dough gets too sticky, add a teaspoon of flour at a time and knead it until you reach the desired consistency.
    If salt crystals appear, just knead the dough and they will dissolve.