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Thank you so much for visiting our site! As you may know, there’s more to these kits we sell then just play dough and the opportunity to drink your beverage in peace! Sensory play may also help calm anxiety and encourage language development. After researching sensory play I was amazed at what I found! I started making play dough, assembling sensory bins, and all sorts of sensory activities that my daughter and I could do together. I saw first hand how sensory experiences can help calm a child’s frustrations, and it’s been incredible to see their behavior and language grow and improve through sensory play. It makes me so happy knowing that each kit I assemble plays a small role in your child’s development, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be part of your journey! Let’s get to playing!!    

Our Founder Beth

Hi! As a new Mom I’m was always looking for new ways to not only entertain my daughter but help her learn and develop at the same time. After seeing and reading so much on sensory play and the positive results other Moms out there were having I decided to give it a shot with my daughter as well, and she LOVED it! I found her focusing on one activity for longer then usual and having so much fun while showing extreme creativity and I knew I was onto something great!! So I started making my own sensory boxes and kits for her at home and soon realized that this was such a big hit with her that I needed to share it with all the kids out there that I could. I hope you guys all have as much fun with our kits as we do! 

 I can not wait to see your little ones playing with my kits! Please send me your pictures and videos by email or tag me on instagram, it would make me sooo happy!!!!

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn


As many of you know, sensory play is a very successful form of therapy for therapy for children suffering from autism, ADHD and many other behavior and language disorders. It calms them down, helps with frustration and anxiety. But sensory play is also beneficial to all children as it allows them to work on their hand/eye coordination, dexterity and attention.

Many other elements can be added to a sensory bin, like little figurines and decor elements transforming it into small world sensory play which is MY FAVORITE!! Small world play adds creativity and imagination to the list! When children are engaged in imaginative play, they develop their very own unique personality and self-esteem.